Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Melted Chocolate Mousse

Yesterday had to be the busiest day of my life, if not year.
I had an interview to do, more sourcing for lifestyle items and 5 location shoots at different venues! Crazy but helluva fun shit.

Anyway, I met this young photographer, who was gonna be share with me this chaotic schedule. He showed up late for the first shoot, which meant we were gonna be late for ALL the shoots since our shoot sequence was supposed to be soething like this

12nn - Papemelroti main store, roces ave.
1pm - 50th ave. Robinson's Galleria
3pm - Chamba Juice - Fort Bonifacio
4pm - Pretty Fit store, Glorietta
6pm - Xsite mobile, Megamall

He finally showed up a little past one and I was halfway going ballistic (hadn't had lunch, ended up eating at 5pm!)

It was worth it though. The shoots went great. He wouldve been absolutely charming if it weren't for the fact that he was taken. And it's funny how I never have the guts to look at guys I like face to face, because I'm afraid it shows how much I really start to like them. But by late afternoon, I was over that illusion of getting to know him better. He was just another lucky addition to my stumbled-upon-a-diamond-in-the-rough list.

He's a professional photographer by today's standards, although he never formally went to study it. He's doing a lot of corporate work lately, which is why I've only met him now. He's open, friendly and has a great smile. I saw some of his work and the underwater shots he took while scuba diving were very impressive. He's always out of town for some assignment and I guess the whole idea of knowing more about that was what drew me to him.

Anyway, i bought us takeout food from ever-dependable KFC and I decided to get dessert for us both. My favorite Chocolate mousse (their brownies suck). Apparently, those KFC counter people thought it would be cool to make fun of the harassed-looking lady (me,Me,ME!) by not putting those much-needed spoons in the takeout bag. I ended up eating macaroni salad with a straw (not a pretty site for someone ravenous enough to eat fatty fatty breaded chicken) and the dessert went untouched.

By the time we got to the last destination, the mousse had melted totally. In fact I would say it evaporated! Because when I looked into the cups, all I could see were the lower half (which was chocolate cake, i think). My endpoint: He was cute.

This blog entry sucks because I am doing it during lunch time and I havent eaten a thing since I went to the gym at 6:30am (hardcore!). I have to be at another shoot today by 2;30pm and two more after that. I feel so compressed because I am packing more into my day than usual.

I have decided to accept fulltime work by next week because I need a summer job and I'd like to meet some tall shampoo models in person (which is what I'm gonna be doing at a presscon next week). I am also very happy to have money in the bank, so that evrytime my mom declares to evict me from the house, at least I will not go hungry while I am sleeping on the streets.

I am not really hungry but sad. I wish I had functional parents who wouldnt evict me and ask me to pay for the air I breathe every other day, or invite me over to their other wife's house and then forget about it totally. Or ask me to go to the hospital and nursemaid my food poisoned-half brother, who i've never met. Or tell me stuff they wish they'd did but didn't anyway.

I wish for too many things.