Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yummy Dark Coffee Jelly

I've been eating alot lately.
Too much for my body to take, which is why now I am feeling very swollen and unhealthy. Blame it on all the frequent breaks I've been taking with my my officemates. Bad, Bad, Bad idea. I need to get back on track NOW. I’ve also been ticking a couple of people off with my clipped comments on their blatantly crass and tasteless remarks about whatever.

There’s this cafĂ© that sells very affordable coffee jelly with cream and milk. There is just one thing I can say about it. It is so heavenly.

My thoughts are all scattered again. I may have forgotten a dear friend’s birthday yesterday. He has not responded to my messages and I’m getting that horrible feeling that I’ve offended without intent yet again (I really hate when this happens. Reminds me too much of the stupid predicaments I’d get myself into way back in high school)

I always like to say that I don’t have too many friends. But in actuality I just realized that I do. I have people who I’ve discounted as being non-friends for reasons like I don’t see them too often or they don’t keep in touch as much as I want them to. But that doesn’t mean they are not my friends. I just overlook the fact that they are closer to me than I really bother to even think about. Hence my being cold and distant at many a time. I really should think about this more.