Sunday, March 13, 2005

Food festing

This weekend has been a wonderful wonderful blur.

My entire saturday was spent entirely with friends (non-work related), activities (non-writing related) and food (free!free!free!).

I woke up not too early for our my new team's second game of the season. It was my frist time to don their uniform and I knew once I put it on, there would be no turning back. I am never going to leave this team. They are (to me)the end-all and be-all of the teams here in Manila. Sure enough, we won the game. It was just as fun cheering on the sidelines as it was being cheered on in the field. I love my teammates. They all have talent, passion and the charisma to win in this kind of game.

After that, some of us hied off for a 45-minute drive to catch the Brent international school food festival (a teammate scored us some free tickets. sweet!) It was fun and there was a fantastic fireworks display. Now there will always be two things that will leave me spellbound 1.) snorkelling and watching fish swimming past my face and 2.) standing right smack under a fireworks display. Call me a big kid, but I revel in those kinds of opportunities. It didnt hurt that we got ice cream and cotton candy while watching too.

We got cleaned up after and attended a birthday party. Really cozy, mostly just people from our team and friends. I admit, I got tipsy. My friends like seeing me in this state because it provides an added source of amusement all throughout the night. But i avoid it sometimes because I turn tomato red and slowly start to have a hard time breathing after that. It was crazy fun. But I really hate hangovers.

I was supposed to watch a nice calming movie with my bestfriend but he had a long tiring night too so it's not going to happen today. I'm not too bummed about it. I just came from dance class and that was a nice substitute.

I did not eat much today although I know I deserve to treat myself to even just a nice meal. But I am too stuffed from yesterday to even think about that right now. I also just got my fill of my newly-appointed resident sage (although he doesnt know it yet) the Village Idiot words just now.

It's going to be an even better week than I thought.



The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

hmm...resident sage. Makes me feel green and leafy. Sage and parsley. :P

Or did you mean that kind of sage who meditates and spews wisdom on worldly affairs?

wanderlust junkie said...

hahahah! i'll take answer number two for P200! :-)) ey gurl, glad to hear you're doin' fabulous! I miss you na! Jason is leaving soon.. let's have one of those dinners some time! Kami naman ngayon maghhost, k? ;-) tc

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Anonymous said...

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