Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sushi in the sky with Diamonds

I am not a big lover of raw food.
In fact I am not a big lover of Japanese food nor Japanese people(except for Tempura and all the j-pop fashion i've been seeing lately)

But I do understand why people love eating Japanese.
It is clean, healthy and has a certain air to it when your in the process of eating.
It is dignified and does not make you look like a starved 3rd world inhabitant (unless of course you like stuffing down 3 pcs of California Maki down your tummy all at the same time)

Japanese food also brings together people from all walks of life who appreciate it.
It doesnt matter what you may look like (yuppie scum, rasta mountain dude, boring bland guy from wherever, or street peddler) As long as you can afford it, all kinds of people will eat it.

I have no point in writing this down. I am just trying to make reason out of nothing except for the fact that I do not eat sushi, but I wouldn't go as far as to say I hate it(because I dont). I am also masking the fact that I have written a very personal entry before this, so I am hoping it does not get read anymore.

I am too lazy to write in my journal at home, so here I am letting my thoughts get published on cyberspace for all to see (and hopefully ignore).

Oh, before I forget, I tried this oh-so-yum mushroom panini sandwich for lunch. It came in different flavors and I chose teriyaki. Boy, was that a revelation. Apparently, there's this new healthy food place called Deck Deli right at the lobby of my office and I've never taken a second look at it before til today. yum, Yum,YUM!!!! i like the mushrooms more than meat! I tried the 3-kind mushroom pizza at Yellow Cab pizza last night and it was fairly good, just nothing fantastic. And some of the mushrooms were already too crunchy for its flavor to be enjoyed.

My life is full of work right now. My love life is full of junk. No space for nice, simple, uncluttered thoughts. My body aches like hell right now (went to the gym 6am!)but better that than my heart.