Sunday, March 20, 2005

Just a list

13 random things that I like
[01] Good books
[02] goalkeeping
[03] middle linebacking
[04] beach bumming
[05] fruit smoothies
[06] gigantic chocolate chip and pecan cookies
[07] kimchi
[08] persistent puppies
[09] tight hugs from out-of-the-blue
[10] salvador dali
[11] Good music from a good audio system
[12] tasting new food for the first time
[13] a hot warm bath before going to bed

[12 favorite movies]
[01] The adventures of Baron Munchausen
[02] Labyrinth
[03] Amelie
[04] Finding Neverland
[05] All Mighty Ducks movies
[06] Cats and dogs
[07] Crying Freeman
[08] Edward Scissorhands
[09] all Akira Kurosawa films
[10] Zatoichi
[11] all Woody Allen films
[12] all Quentin Tarantino films (except that short from Four Rooms)

[11 good bands/artists]
[01] Rita Calypso
[02] Norah Jones
[03] Paula Cola
[04] The Beatles
[05] Wilson Philips
[06] Astrud Gilberto
[07] Sergio Mendes
[08] Mr.Big
[09] Kylie Minogue
[10] Black eyed peas
[11] TLC

10 things about me
[01]overly sensitive
[02]not as tough as before
[03]pigs out too often
[04]weak knees
[05]overly hopeful
[06]relates too much to Dilbert
[07]attracted to guys who like Calvin & Hobbes
[08]Wishes she were more attracted to guys who like The Far Side
[09]pizza lover

9 shows I watch
[01] CSI
[02] Fear factor
[03] Friends
[04] Will & Grace
[05] Ed
[06] Joan of Arcadia
[07] One Tree Hill
[08] Arirang shows
[09] ATV

[8 favorite food]
[01] BLT burgers
[02] mushroom or vegetarian pizza
[03] banana cream pie
[04] Estrel's caramel cakes
[05] Korean beef stew with kimchi
[06] Chocolate eclairs
[07] Fried Mozzarella
[08] teriyaki Mushroom panini

[7 things you wear often]
[01]Nike cross-trainers
[02]yoga pants
[04]silver necklace
[05]rainbow flipflops
[06]baby tees

[6 things that make you happy]
[01] having enough time to quietly read a good book
[02] having the luxury of watching a new korean series deep into the night
[03] playing a really good game
[04] taking the time out to spend a day with my grandma and cousins
[05] watching a nice movie with NY fries and dip
[06] sleeping under the sun in a quiet beach

[5 books you read]
[01] Einstein's Dreams
[02] The Prophet
[03] Nightmares and Dreamscapes
[04] A girl's guide to hunting and fishing
[05] Lipshtick

[4 things that irritate you]
[01] dense people
[02] meanness
[03] inconsideration
[04] tacklessness

[3 people you admire]
[01] My gay rights activist professor
[02] My aunt who decided to stick it out by herself abroad
[03] My friends who have yet to run out of patience for me