Sunday, March 27, 2005

Rainy Days and Easter Sundays

It rained exactly at one past midnight last night.
Right after i was done with my last batch of laundry (what can i say, I like doing everything at night!), the first few drops started to trickle. I was just lucky I didn't leave anything hanging outside where it would eventually turn smelly in a soggy way come morning.

One of the reasons I so look forward to summer is hinged upon the premise that it will mean no sign of rain for the next 2 months. But of course, the wet weather is still riding the coat tails of March, so there's bound to be mini-showers here and there before April Fool's Day. In fact, our local weather man reports mild rains this afternoon.

I am one of those people who get adversely affected by the weather. a lot.
Not that it brings any special memory or event triggered by the rain. Maybe its because everyone goes into hiding when it rains and I feel just a tad bit more lonely than usual. Or maybe its because I like watching the hustle and bustle of Manila and when it rains everything is in a standstill.

There are a few nice things I like about the rain though.
I remember unforgettable slippery hardcore soccer games with friends brave enough to come out even during typhoon weather just for a few hours of scrimmage. I remember alot of diving, sliding and slipping going around. We'd bring garbage bags to put our backpacks in and leave it in the middle of the field. I remember getting the Dirtiest player award most of the time because I had the most mud on me (hazards of being a goalie). We'd look so icky afterwards that even the cabs and jeepneys would discriminate against takng us in. We'd walk barefoot to the nearest faucet and try to take some sort of makeshift shower (it aint easy when the faucet's only 3 feet high). I remember praying more people would arrive so we could have a great game. And the people I count on usually do. Regardless of how impossible it was to get there because of the weather. We'd be the only loonies out there in colorful jerseys trying to run around ("muck around" is more like it) in the soft field. I'd think we were crazy if it weren't for the fact that it was so much fun back then

Well, yesterday was easter Sunday and there was no rain. But there was a lot of soccer though and boy was it good to be back on the field. But it wasn't the same guys I usually played with before. They were all still in mourning for mervs. I can't blame them. It felt awful going back to the field last saturday and seeing it devoid of any soccer for the first time in years.

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A new version of Me said...

kung soccer syo.... flag football naman sakin...

and yep ur right, ayaw din akong pasakayin ng jeep!!!