Thursday, March 24, 2005

Feasting on Pesto

Most of the people in my family are what you call pesto people.
For instance, my favorite aunt and uncle's house is always amply stocked with the usual green pesto and red pesto variety. Without fail, I can always look forward to good quality pesto with fine Barilla angel hair pasta or toasted focaccia bread.

Pesto also reminds me of a friend who had about a dozen giant purebred dogs in his house. He was one of those really rich guys who was always alone at home with the househelp, while his parents and other siblings were out of the country or something like that. All the money in the world couldn't have bought that guy any happiness. And it wasn't because he was weird or a typical black sheep or something, he was actually pretty cute... He started out promising enough, getting into one of the top universities in the country, making it to the fencing team, but that just wasn't enough of course. it takes more than just whats goin on outside to sustain a good person. Some people still need some sort of affirmation from their bloodlinks too.

Anyway, me and another friend would always end up hanging at his house. One, because he preferred staying in his room (which had a pretty nice set-up i might add) and two, because they always had good food! The best thing I remember having was chicken drumsticks with pesto dip. I totally went ga-ga over that dip! It was too late when I realized it had some sort of "magic" ingredient in it to make it more interesting.....