Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Doggone Days

Last night, i was watching a documentary on illegal dog trading, dog cooking and canine maltreatment.
I couldn't finish the program. Being an adamant pet lover, it hurt me on so many levels to know what some dogs are going through in other parts of the country.
I'd rather go through another multiple root canal than have to see and hear those horrid images again.

One scene that was replayed over and over again was that of a dog, brutally stuffed inside a rice sack and kicked again and again. You could hear him/her bark at first, until it turned into a whimper and I guess into a moan or cry. Those people who have never heard an animal cry, consider yourselves lucky. I once had a rabbit who jammed its leg in a ditch and I had to bring it to the vet to have it's hind leg cast. It cried so much that I wanted to cry myself. An animal crying is the sound of pure instinctual pain. Otherwise, when would you hear a rabbit make any sort of sound right?

Back to the dogs, it was supposed to be an in-depth report on the animal rights law and why eating dogs are illegal. But they interviewed alot of poor, hungry people who were willing to eat anything to survive, even if it meant stealing someone else's pedigreed pet poodle. So I guess they were trying to sway the sympathy for the humans too. But I'm sure most two-legged people would hate it if dogs started eating us for lack of better fare.

I miss my dogs Choco and Taffy, up there in doggy heaven.


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

I miss my dog Ruff - he would have turned 12 on MArch 22. :(

I am sure he is in Doggy Heaven - making friends with CHico and Taffy.

wanderlust junkie said...

i miss my cat Buta.

Anonymous said...

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