Friday, March 04, 2005

Teriyaki Mushroom Panini

I am at the office, not running late but my eyelids are begging for sleep.
I have declared amnesty on my body and decided to avoid all gym activity today.
Because later, I am gonna be running around like a funny headless chicken again, catching taxis and carrying endless loads of cutesy girl stuff to shoot for our magazine. This kind of work makes my feet hurt so much that i wanna cut them both off, but I'm also loving every single minute of it. Where else do you get paid to (window) shop 'til you drop, get to show off your (supposedly good) taste and get paid for it all at the same time?!

I indulged in good food again yesterday.
I couldve skipped that trip to Deck Deli (which is so strategically placed that you see it every time you enter and exit our building). I couldve hesitated just a little bit more in getting that yummy panini and strawberry soy milk before i hit the gym. I couldve showed a little more restraint (goes to show much I don't have in that department)

I am all out and about again today. No time to think about guys. Guys who will ignore and feign fleeting interest in me. Guys who have nothing but friendship on their mind.

But I do have a guy encounter story about yesterday.
I ran into a guy (inside the office) talking to my soon-to-be boss. This happened to be the same guy I once had an "email" thing with. He's one of the few guys who I thought really had the talent and charisma to be a good writer. Our thing escalated to a point wherein we had to meet up, which happened once and never again. But apparently, i was right because he's now coordinator for one of the other departments in our humongous company. But the funnt thing is, i just found out that my new job involved coordinating with him. A LOT. Now how awkward is that?

Must be Fate's way of telling me "Ha-ha-ha you silly-willy girl, you can avoid me but you can't get away from me. You will always be bound fall into countless unavoidable situations where you will be shocked, helpless and humiliated all at the same time but not exactly in that order."

I can't wait.