Saturday, March 05, 2005

Not exactly the same recipe

I woke up today thinking how much I was going to enjoy having a whole day to myself (well not exactly, i have around a dozen or so articles to write for Monday, but I figured I had most of the day to do what i want)

So I decided to start it off with the gym class I look forward to the most. In fact, my dance class has always been the best way to cap off the week for me (i dont usually work out on sundays, which is reserved for family and non-football friends)

So I woke up early (meaning, before lunch) and hied my ass of to the gym (I read in an article from a well-known fitness guru that you should only work out at a gym that is located 15 minutes or less from where you live, otherwise its not time-efficient for you. Although i could agree to that, It is pretty inapplicable because 15 minutes or so travel time in my area will only get you past a couple or so blocks around the neighborhood.Come rainy season, good luck with that)

I was anticipating the fact that I would get to see my favorite (okay, okay, my irresistibly favorite!) teacher. usually, I find him sipping coffee at the lounge before his class starts, but I figured he must be running late. I finally got to wear this cute green NBA basketball jersey my friend brought from the States as a Christmas gift (I'd been raving about my hiphop class for months, so he thought I would like it and I did! He's one of the very few guys I know who can top me when it comes to gift giving)

Then I found out that someone else was gonna sub for him because he couldn't make it today! I love dancing anyway, so I thought it would still be fun. But for some reason it wasn't. The moves may have been the same, but the class just wasn't as fun.
Or he wasn't as cute.

I just want my real teacher back.


Anonymous said...

hey san ka nagy-gym????

dami ba gwapo don? heheh

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