Thursday, May 01, 2008

Goodbye Pink Eye

I just came back from a weeklong trek all over the northern part of the country. It definitely did me alot of good.
I got to do alot of things for the very first time.
Which is always a good remedy when there are certain things you want to forget.

Within the same hour me and my friends returned to the city, I was back in the office and feeling totally out of it.
As much as I miss the urban jungle, I should've used better judgment and rested it out for the rest of the day.
This stubborness, plus the fact that I stayed up later that night uploading stuff I should've put off at a later time, ended up with me getting a pink eye for the very first time.

It's not so bad. It doesn't hurt or itch or anything else associated with sore eyes. It wasn't even that red. I probably looked like a lush with a horrible hangover to most folks.
The worst part was just feeling conscious knowing that I didn't look alright (which is tough enough considering I havent been feeling all that great lately either).

Anyway, the weeklong experience opened my eyes to unfamiliar sights and challenging activities.
I can't believe Im actually starting to enjoy the outdoors.
Not that I've turned into a mountaineer overnight, but all that spelunking and nature-tripping definitely had its effect on me. No wonder so many people get addicted to it.

I once dated a mountaineer.
I never could understand what he saw in a city rat like me.
Maybe it was because we both loved soccer and literature (not exactly in the same order)
Or maybe because attraction just works that way, I guess.
It was good while it lasted.
Now, he's all settled down and probably conquering new heights in a foreign land.
While I'm over here just starting to see the beauty in even the smallest mole hills.
I find that thought pretty cool.
It's never too late to discover a new happiness.