Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy Meals

I believe I am indefinitely cured from whatever that possessed me for the past couple of years.
I believe I am ready to stumble, fall and crack my head (and heart) open again on the cold cold ugly concrete (otherwise known as reality)

I guess I have turned into the opposite of what I had first thought myself to be, a man-indifferent recluse, unbothered by the opposite species.
Now I am now Miss Open-to-whatever-may-be, not exactly boy crazy, but in love with somebody new everyday.

Yesterday, it was Mister Young Passionate Chef, Today, it is (and for the past 3 months actually)Mister Gracefulness (dont ask). Actually, I was hoping I would never end up with a full-blown attraction to this guy, seeing him at dance class every week has been easy, I'd just dismiss him as one of those good looking men who would look awkward anywhere except inside the gym. But today, he surprised the hell out of me when he showed up wearing glasses! And boy, did those glasses seal the deal. You see, he is well-muscled and lean in all the right places, has long black hair the same length as mine, and he dances ever-so-perfectly (I'm pretty content just watching him if I could get away with it). But to look so fit and so intelligent at the same time? Hell, that was too difficult to ignore!

So right now every meal is a happy meal and speaking of which, I am getting very worried about my constant craving for french fries, which i heard (from people who've watched Super Size Me) that it will be the bane of my existence a few years (or months) from now if I continue with such indulgence.

So I bought the meal, ate the fries, got a toy, and what else? ate it with a guilt-free heart!