Monday, June 27, 2005

Roller Coasting

Yesterday night I went on one helluva ride.
I hitched a ride home with a friend and as we turned to get on the busiest, major highway in the country
her car battery went dead.

The road was an incline so we just kept on moving (or rolling was more like it). What upped the scare factor was that she was driving an automatic and so we couldnt turn on the headlights or even just the emergency lights. Big buses were rushing right past us on both sides while we were just praying we'd roll right into the nearby gast station in the highway.

When we finally made it (although we were technically parked on the highway), thats when we discovered that they had no mechanic on duty on Sundays. Great.

The succeeding gory details aren't as interesting as those initial facts so i'll just leave it as that. thank God we decided to stop for donuts and juice (even though we hadn't had dinner yet) because at least that takes the crabbiness out of the waiting game we did while waiting for her dad to look for a mechanic to revive the car.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Balut and Pizza

Balut, a popular native delicacy, which is technically a fertilized egg with a partially developed duckling that is eaten by Filipinos all day everyday. It was also used to challenge the lengths to which contestants were willing to win $50,000 on Fear Factor once. (haha, i had a good laugh on that one)

Last night, during our food buying spree for Jordan's birthday thingamajiggy, we found ourselves at the grocery getting avocado ice cream (his favorite) and vanilla (our vote). Andre, my buffest (is that a word?) friend ever, suddenly had a craving for balut, which was also sold in the fruit stand (go figure). By then, we had already gotten 2 large pizzas from Yellow Cab (that makes it 3 weekends in a row that ive found myself getting supposed 'sustenance' from their vegetable toppings.)

Anyway, we ate while watching a Jamiroquai concert on dvd. And I couldnt help but admire how Dre manage to scarf down those slices of pizza in between helpings of eggs (he bought 3). Yowsah, i gotta hand it to the dude, he took it all in stride. Good thing the room was dark or I wouldve winced at seeing the egg (im such a squeamish girlygirl.ha!)

anyway, weekends turning out great. Finally caught "Mr & Mrs Smith" Loved their hand-and-knuckle fight scene. Women Power dude!!!! Angelina Jolie rocks. Brad was just kinda cute. I love girl power movies (who wouldnt right?)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Hunger happy

The paint on my bedroom door is peeling.
The fruit yoghurt I was saving for a rainy day which i finally opened last night had turned tangy, much to my hungry dismay.
I had finally lost my mouthguard (which keeps my teeth from grinding all day) in the crazy confines of my room (i swear, there are doors that open to different dimensions in all that mess)

All I've had to eat today is a cup of semi-burnt oatmeal (my favorite choice for breakfast) and a half green half yellow banana (courtesy of my gym, which I sneak off to during lunchbreak on fridays)

But I am not hungry yet.

It's also Jordan's birthday today. Not everyone knows because no matter how innocent he may look int hat Where's Waldo cap of his, Jordan can also be one wicked sinister dude. He lied on his Friendster account so people wouldnt know when to greet him.
What he doesnt know is that we have a small celebration planned tonight. Baked goodies, pizza and ice cream. A nice way to cap off a good friend's natal day. Plus his pick of the weirdest movies available (Personally, i am hoping he will pick this far out Jap film called Pistol Opera. Dang, if that film appeals to him then I will kneel down and pray to the new God of the Slanted Mind. That movie weirded me out so much I stopped watching after just 3 and a half minutes!) Can you comprehend a scene wherein the no.3 ranked girl assassin (who wants to be no.1) is being chased with a gun by this handicapped dude in a wheelchair (who is also presumably an assassin), why for the life of me, he would even think he had a chance is mind-boggling. add to the fracas a jap schoolgirl with a balloon. Oh boy, its just too odd to describe.

Anyway, im planning to enjoy my weekend with less food and more work ("special" projects for added income have just come my way!)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Peanut Butter Pleasures

Nope, there’s no sexual innuendo of any kind in this entry.

Nowadays, I find myself craving peanut butter more than chocolate.
Peanut butter donuts, sandwiches, peanut butter on crackers, Reese’s pieces or even a lip-smacking glob of gooey, sickeningly sweet peanut butter on a spoon (gotta cut down on the bread)!
I’ve heard about this new so-called Peanut butter diet in the States, but my cravings have nothing to do with that (besides, the diet only talks about the unsweetened, organic variety while I prefer the more sinfully artifical local version)

My taste buds must’ve gotten tired of chocolate. Or maybe I just automatically hate the popular choice.
Just like I dont like having the same template as some of the people I know! Even our publication uses the same template (check it out, its pretty cool if your the starstruck kind!)

Last night, i finally got ot catch the sequel to that old Ethan Hawke-Julie Delpy movie "Before Sunrise"
I have not seen a movie that sucked me into the dialogue so much as this one. "Before Sunset" should only be watched under the context that you enjoyed the first movie. Otherwise, it might look a bit dry in the entertainment department.
I'm not saying you will like it as much as I did. We all come from different points of reference so what gets my goat might actually amuse the hell out of you or something like that.

Basically, this movie was one long conversation over a span of 2 (maybe shorter) hours. the characters wear only one outfit all throughout and the settings are different places in Paris.
The two main characters (environmentalist Celine and writer Jesse) meet again after 9 years, having spent just one night together walking around in Vienna. It is a chance encounter and alot of outwardly things have changed 9but apparently, the feelings have not) They talk about books, life, fate, magic and of course, Love.

I love how the movie develops, how you find out certain things as their conversation deepens.
watching this was like reading a good book (or having a really good book being read to you out loud)
It talks about how Love and reality are contradictory (The premise is that when you love someone, you get romantic, but romanticism can't really totally co-exist with reality unless your an idealist loon). endpoint is disappointment and total dependence.

I don't wanna talk about all the good parts. But I will say that this was an open-ended movie and how you decide the ending is probably a good indication of what kind of person you are (if you think they eventually broke up then you are a realist, if you think they got together eventually then you are romantic, if you are being hopeful for them then i dont know what exactly you are but you should be more decisive in your thoughts)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rain reigns

It suddenly rained real hard tonight.
So hard that there was a short-lived power failure in the neighborhood. (Thank God for dependable generators in major tv networks, wherein my office so cozily resides)

I hardly left my computer today. Had a lot of research to do. Food today, to me, was just regarded as mere sustenance to get me going. It was nothing more than fancy fuel for my tummy. An inconsequential necessity, but not a craving, not today.

I knew this would happen. So I stocked up on snacks, knowing full well that bringing that much food to work would either brand me as a glutton or as a junk food hoarder disguised as a gym rat. But like i said, today was different. I had absolutely no plans of working out (well, all i brought was an extra shirt okay.Which is gonna seem stupid considering I wore girly shoes today)

So in my bag I had everything I could possibly need today: an extra shirt ("just in case" i drop by the gym. NOT!!!), my trusty, snazzy (read:pricey) automatic folding-and-unfolding umbrella which i got as a gift 3 christmases ago (okay okay, well it wasnt exactly a gift. i asked someone to give it to me!), and my bag full of tasty snacks (tip:when your dealing with finicky,picky,weird or anal persons like me, there should always be options for snacking, salty and sweet! because you never know what mood will strike next! (i seesaw between a hankering for peanut butter and then bbq all day)

I want to watch Batman Begins because everyone has had good things to say about it. Not that I trust these people (there have been supposed "terrible" movies that i ended up enjoying. so now i take everything with a grain of salt). I caught Monster-in-law the other night and I only have 3 things to say about it:
1. Jane Fonda is soooo funny
2. I'd kill to have all of J.Lo's outfits (and body) in that movie!!! its so my style!
3. I'd sleep with Michael Vartan in a nanosecond! I loved him in Never Been Kissed too! (I dont watch Alias by the way)

Funny how the rain doesnt affect me anymore. I must be going crazy. I used to love the sun, now I dont. i used to hate the rain, now I dont. I am enjoying the seasons just like i am enjoying my work right now. Come to think of it, I might actually turn out to be a well-adjusted individual if I think about it! (haha, not really)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Weird and Whacked out

I had the oddest of lunches yesterday.
Tuna hotdogs and cream cheese sandwiches.
Actually, it wasn’t exactly lunch, more of “whatevers-left-in-the-fridge” kind of meal that me and my cousin Athena scrounged up for before settling down and watching our much revered and coveted copy of “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.” Thank god for ketchup.

For good measure, I also brought two large bags of Holy Kettle corn (a movie staple!)
It was a nice lazy Sunday afternoon. Perfect in my book: a good movie. Good (?) food shared with family. It rained later in the day (which is also why I am thankful I decided to forego football for once) But even if my knee was acting up again I couldn’t resist dropping by the gym for a new class (thanks for the incessant prodding Mitch).

My body feels beat up (there’s gonna be no running this week for sure) but for some reason I couldn’t wait to get a head start on work today. Must be something wrong with my brain….. mmmm….. this should be straightened out mid-week when I start getting anxiety attacks from the fear of what I could be fearing next.

I woke up early (not extra early, because its either I am up early or late only) today and fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal. I like oatmeal because it fills up my tummy and it supposedly cleans out the bad toxins from the body (not that I have any, I don’t drink, smoke or eat nasty stuff like roaches or crickets) But I definitely have got too much chocolate in my system. Damn you Cadbury, Hersheys and Sees Candies!!!

I am writing more and more mediocre entries lately.
I cant seem to get my head in shape for a cohesive, coherent composition.
I cant explain this but I know what its about.
Maybe I should just stick to writing about food and delete all the other crappy stuff I go on and on about. This is horrible. I am becoming the wannabe writer that I dreaded turning into.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pipe Dreams and Pita Bread

Its been pretty crazy at the office all week.
Wasnt able to concentrate on my food cravings much (which is perhaps one of the only good things aside from the self-induced stress that made me more efficient)

Aside from the hankering for peanut butter, I find myself in constant want for pizza and pita bread! Right now I cant decide whether I prefer tuna or chicken filling. I had a Garden Fresh pizza (its not as healthy as it sounds) last night. I couldnt care less whether the bread was wheat or whole wheat. I love tomato sauce! Maybe I should try living in Italy where there are regions so simple that they top there spaghettis and pizzas with plain ole tomato sauce. Yum!

I am also a little bit scatterbrained right now, cant really decide how or where to pursue my dreams (really, i didnt even know i had any?!) People Ive just met know more about my real dreams that the people whove been around me my entire life. there is a certain comfort in confiding in (almost) strangers who cannot possible judge nor change their opinion of you because what you reveal in just a few moments after meeting them. Not that I am in the habit of doing that. I just feel that most people who think they know me already have this preconceived idea of what my "real deal" is. Oh well, thats their opinion.

I am happy right now. In between chasing my pipe dreams and giving in to my sinful cravings, I am surprisingly in better shape than I was probably a year ago.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Queen of Pentacles

I had my first tarot reading a few days ago.
Crazy, unnerving and right-on-the-money are some of the words I might use to describe the whole experience.

Cleared up my head (and heart) on some things, other answers opened up other questions.
Who’d have thought past lives were so significant to the present?
Karmic residue, cosmic patterns and unexplained attractions all connect somehow.

Our session wasn’t much about fortune-telling as it was about divination. Merely a guide, not the standard for the things yet to come, if I will it to come.

Having your cards read might also mean opening up a whole can of worms you might not be ready to share, but it will come out anyway whether you want it to or not (hard to edit the subconscious energy)

There are also such things as cards that will constantly come up and define you. Character cards. All this has drummed up my interest again in the tarot and the supernatural. Spooky but enlightening definitely.