Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Chocolate-topped, peanut butter-filled donuts

I have permanently (somewhat halfheartedly) decided to go on a diet. Well not exactly a strict one, more of a chocolate/ice cream/pastry/unnecessary bread strike for this summer. Blame it on watching “Super Size Me” last night. Blame it on my being middle heavy. Or blame it on my unwavering desire to flaunt that bikini body hiding somewhere inside of me. But one of the biggest hurdles are these unavoidable sinful spawns from down under called Hot Loops donuts. I hate them so much it kills me to not buy one a day! Talk about inner struggle. I don’t even care about their Oreo-topped, caramel filled variety (which is their bestseller) . I love peanut butter!

I am feeling girly today, hence I decided to snub my cross-trainers for a pair of stilettos and gym pants for a snug pair of slacks. So while my friends are trying to further devote themselves to selfless causes like joining protest marches, helping build homes for the homeless and raising money for charity, I am busy trying to lift myself up from further wallowing in despair and hopelessness. I am trying to get back a broken friendship which I though would be a bridge burned forever. I am trying to cope with the knowledge that my best friend is leaving the country and will not be within my reach anymore during those times when he was accessible at a press of my “panic” button.

I am also trying to decide what to do with someone too far away from me right now.


wanderlust junkie said...

hmmm... PLEASE try Cello's dougnuts before you stake your heart for hot loops :-D

sama ako dyan sa diet mo, kaya lang masarap talag kumain eh :-P

thanks for the fun sunday, gurl! next tym ulit!


A new version of Me said...

oo nga.. whats with Cello's doughnuts.. My sis cant keep her mouth shut over it... Puros Cello's doughnuts ang nalalaman!!!

So gurl what have you decided???

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »