Friday, March 25, 2005

Creamy papaya shakes

Only in my cousin's house can I have the best tasting, blissfully overflowing papaya shakes in town.
Their version involves, crushed ice, one whole ripe papaya, Nutrasweet (we're a family of diabetics), a citrus fruit and nice low-fat milk.
Add all these up and you've got the perfect pick-me-upper for one of those days when your holed up in the house with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Right now, theyre all downstairs watching "Kung Fu Hustle" which I've seen one too many time already. I love Stephen Chow, but I can't stand too many re-runs of ANY movie. But I can't deny that Shaolin Soccer rocks! Since its Holy week and all the major malls are closed, we have nothing to depend on but family and cool movies for good company.

I was talking to a friend yesterday night and I felt liberated to be able to talk about some things I have not been able to say out loud for many years now. It is good feeling. It makes me feel like I can finally move on and find some sort of alternate happiness that i didnt think even existed. It also made me realize that I've been meeting all these sorts of people and they all serve a purpose. They all show me different ways of how to live or not live my life. They point out certain directions which i can either admire or stay away from. Most especially the guys, I 've never been a good communicator when it comes to the same sex, I have an aversion to people who share the same chromosomes as my mother.

I'm going overboard again.


wanderlust junkie said...

mmm... papaya shakes! :-) haay naku, the fact that Jason has no access to a landlyn makes me wanna scream sumtym... i really miss talking to you! Hoep we can hangout soon. Bellini's tayo! :-) Tom or mon nyt?:-) Lemme know...

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