Monday, March 21, 2005

Super salads

It's really funny how far up you can go in one minute,
and then you're crashing down a hundred miles a second in another.

That's exactly how I feel right now.

If you look at things from one perspective, everything can seem like a pretty swell deal.
You're happy, you're healthy, you eat well, you are loved. You are not in want for anything more than what you have already. in other words, you do not crave, you do not long for, you do not covet what you cannot, should not and will not ever have.

But then the mind starts wandering into unwanted places that makes it doubt its complacency, makes it feel insecure, uncomfortable and greedy. You aspire. you hope and then you start feelingincomplete.

This is exactly how i wish i didn't feel right now.

Surprisingly, I havent been too hungry lately. I'm quite content with some nice creamy broccoli soup and a big helping of veggie salad. Funny how some restos with salad bars seem to think that fruits and vegetables can be mixed together in one big bowl of cornucopia. I'm not a picky eater (as long as it aint slimy) so I filled my plate with the usual leafy fare, along with raisins, melon, corn, pineapple and watermelon chunks too. The ultimate salad hybrid. A pretty filling meal. Healthy on the tummy too.

I dunno if i am psychologically incapacitated by the notion that I have been spending too much (on food) or if I am just basically out of sync again. I am just being lonely again. My friend Dre said we should form a club or support group or something. He misses his girlfriend in Long Island too. At least he knows she misses him too.


Anonymous said...

can i join ur support group?



wanderlust junkie said...

uy, dapat diner tayo ulit --- dvd night? sumtym this week? :-) lemme know. miss ya gurl!

Anonymous said...

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