Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Just a bunch of coconuts

My best friend told me that somebody literally got crucified last weekend because of a bunch of coconuts.

My best friend lives in his grandparent's massively creepy house which has alot of tall coconut trees in its frontage and not enough people to guard the whole place. Apparently, this one monkey dude thought it smart to climb these trees and steal some of their coconuts. But he wasn't content with climbing one tree, so he climbed one after another til he was left with the biggest tree of them all. To bad he lost his grip way up high.

Now another thing about my best friend's house is that there are rails and rails of barbed wire and spikes all over (they also have a gun at home because they are constantly playing cowboys and indians with unwanted "visitors" every so often). Now the monkey dude, not only fell inside the perimeter of their house, but he also fell into the spikes.I heard it pierced through both his arms. Aw!

My best friend's family helped him out but now he's milking them for as much as he can! When he's not there trying to give them a guilt trip, he sends other people to "collect" for him! What audacity!

Now for other things, I love coconuts too (except the kind stolen from my best friend's house). I always drink them fresh and eat the soft pulp later. In Meteor Garden 2, Two of the lead characters (Axin and Yesha) love coconuts so much (thats all they could afford anyway) that they got diarrhea the next day! Anyway, I don't see the point why I'm mentioning this, I just needed to get that Jerry Yan parallel fact in.


wanderlust junkie said...

hahhaha...grabe yan ha. death by coconut sana

toneconscious said...

actually, after spending the evening of that event re-enacting in my head how the monkey dude fell & got tangled up on our fence, i can conclude that dying would've been much better for him. he cant chew solids anymore, his folks buy him milk to sip pathetically through a straw. i doubt he'll have anything to do with coconuts anymore in his entire jawless life, and considering his intelligence, all nuts in general.

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