Sunday, February 13, 2005

Blue Onion and Green Mango shakes

Not quite a yummy combination, but this title kinda sums up my entire action-packed weekend.

Had an exhausting saturday, not just because of preparations for a magazine launch party, but also since I really wanted to squeeze in some gym time and a little shopping (Got two pairs of really cool brand new shoes, slacks and two tops, all bought in a record time of 30 minutes!) This always happens to me. I end up finding a job that affords me spending money, yet I cant seem to find the time to actually go out and enjoy it! So I'm overcompensating. Which will mean I'll be broke before I get my first pay.

So anyway, the event started at 8:30pm and i was there since 3pm so you can guess how icky i felt come start of the program. It was in a bar called Blue Onion in Eastwood city. First time I had ever been in there. But it was fun. I even won a designer blouse in the raffle!I love freebies. who doesnt right?

Sunday was a daze, was supposed to go to our choir's outreach program at 8am, but could not psych myself up in time to get there. Ended up going to the mall and carnival with my cousins who were visiting form the States. Crazy fun, except I simply cannot handle rides which involve me losing all control of my body. Its a miracle I didn't throw up. Almost did though. My cousin even caught everything on video. Sneaky bastard.

Dinner was great, someone sent up baskets and baskets of green mangoes from Pangasinan. We made them into gallons and gallons of shakes. Oh yum!

Tomorrow, me and my new boss will talk about my actual pay. I have been going to the office since Wednesday! I'm not all excited about it (this being the third world economy that it is), but lets just hope that they give me an offer wherein I won't have to consider other offers of employment.

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and I am happy. Not because I have a date, but because I am not broke, I got to spend time with people I missed so much, I am employed by unbelievably nice people and I am going shopping for my favorite korean stuff this week! :)

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