Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Orgasmic Affair

I interviewed this cute guy yesterday.
He is currently a successful personal chef from Chicago, who grew up in Manila.

I never thought a guy could give you an orgasm just by talking.

He was one of those people who makes a great interview.
Loved to talk about his work and what he has learned. Loved to talk to people because he can learn something new from them, even if it wasn’t about food.
But let me just say, I have never been blown away by any subject matter relating to food except for this one time.

He talked about food he would serve when he was angry, food he would serve when he was seducing someone, in love, heartbroken or gone mad. The kind of food he makes differs with the kind of impact he wants to achieve.

He talked about this unbelievable dessert, a deep dark chocolate mousse which he would put a hole in a middle, put in a scoop of vanilla soy yoghurt (not ice cream, because he promotes good healthy choices) and then he would put 7 different sauces all across the plate to form a rainbow design (kiwi sauce, strawberry, orange, mango and God-know-what-else!). Add some caramelized icicles around it and you’ve painted a picture of a different kind of heaven.
All of this put together to give you an idea of what you’ve been missing out of all this time.

He gave a couple of other strange sounding recipes involving saffron, mascarpone, curry, kamote and shrimps. But I begged him (literally) to stop, not because my stomach was getting hungrier by each word, but because I didn’t want to suddenly develop a craving for this guy.

He’s really pretty nice. He gave me his business card. Said I could contact him anytime. He said he would never forget me because he loved my name (insert “swoon” here)

The sound bite that stuck to me most about him was when he said “My cooking is the same as my making love. It requires the same passion, frequency and compatibility of ingredients.”

Whew. Thank God I didn’t sweat too much on that one (I think).

*Check him out at
(by the way, even though he also goes to the gym a lot. He’s not as young as he looks. As if that matters)


wanderlust junkie said...

hehhehe --- ayuz!!

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