Wednesday, February 16, 2005

In-between (again)

I am used to quitting jobs. Really.
It's not like a relationship, wherein there are emotional attachments.
With work, it's either I end up liking it or not. If not, then I leave

But this was the first time I ever had a boss break down and cry in front of me.
Not just because of me, mind you. But I was probably the last straw in a slew of frustrating events in our magazine. (apparently, i later found out that she was the type to break down in the office more often than you can imagine, kinda funny if you ask me) But she's a really sweet lady
So I ended up not exactly leaving, but my foot's still halfway out the door.
I am staying, but I am also accepting another offer coming my way today.

I wish jobs and relationships came this easy. I could be in or out, not mediocre at all. I wouldn't feel nostalgic, withdrawn or devastated inside just because of a job. I would bounce back immediately and delve into another new opportunity. I wish It was all that easy.

But if I was just as lucky getting into a really great relationship as I am in finding really cool jobs, then I'd be set for life. But I know I can't have it all. I got the "Good Job Karma" stick. I'm trying to be just as happy. Because my life isn't so bad at all. :)

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