Monday, February 07, 2005

Potato Salad with mustard

Yesterday was a day well spent. In fact it was too well spent that I can't bring myself to go out today. I guess one could say it was a perfect day. How so?

My All-Time recipe for a Perfect day:
3 parts FOOTBALL (played under the scorching sun starting at 12:30nn.crazy shit!)
7 parts FRIENDSHIP (had the best possible home-cooked dinner with several good friends)
2 parts KIMCHI (met a new korean friend and got to catch up on my usual obsessions)
And lots and lots of Good food!!!! (can't beat andre's angel hair pasta with tomatoes and a "hint" of tuna, Their mother's special fruitcake with tutti-frutti ice cream which they brought straight from New York!, Honeylette & Jason's potato salad with mustard, which was the first thing to get wiped out(courtesy of moi!). Me and Fugsy pants made fruit salad with corn, which was by far the corniest (pun intended hehe) stuff there!

Another thing, i love washing dishes at my friends' house. It makes me feel like family. I think I have such great friends too. enuf' said.

I know i promised to write about my gym, but some new things have come up. I think I am finally employed! Although I only have to work three times a week, I have been put in charge of a new magazine! It is exciting, yet scary because I am very chicken shit (even though I try to never show it).

Lastly, it is also my very cute cousin's birthday tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday Chrisket! I know you actually take the time to read my ramblings, so heres to you my favorite cuz, all the way from Quezon City to San Jose!!! Maligayang Bati :)


wanderlust junkie said...

i'm glad you liked the salad gurl! The best nga yung food trippin' natin! hope we can have another one soon... take care! :-) see you sa gym

Anonymous said...

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