Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I talked to a ghost last night
One from the past, whom I never thought I'd meet again.
Funny how when he was so alive, he scared me a whole lot more.

Now he's made his presence felt yet again, out-of-the-god-forsaken-blue
He tells me he finally wants to write a book
"You should edit it" he says
And thats when I don't know what to say.

So I said yes and now were linked together again cosmically, for some indefinite period of time (depending on how well he writes)
For whatever reason that Fate wants me to revisit this twisted moment from our past,
I can only say, I am scared.

Scared because he has always been my snake in the garden of Eden, Temptation itself.

He who has always been unattainable, yet always within physical reach.
Him who tells me he wanted to be with me, yet left anyway
He who likes to talk about deep and dark things, yet accused me of being too cerebral for his taste
Him who I put so much faith into, yet could not have enough faith in himself
He who I missed like crazy, at a certain point in time.

I am scared, yes. But I know that deep down inside, I am also happy.
Because he came back to me, this time as a friend, almost like family.
Even though he's got a family of his own already.

Sometimes some things just seem spooky.

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Where did you find it? Interesting read