Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Let Me Blow (Dry) Your Mind

Recently, I've discovered the perfect way of de-stressing myself.
Given the fact that I think I've just majorly injured myself over the weekend (my right knee feels like it's going to break off with every creaking movement), I also have to impose a very strict vow of abstinence from any gym work this week (ha-ha, lets see if i can stick to it by friday).

Given the circumstance, I've accepted that the only compromise I can make to console my body (already experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the treadmill in 24 hours) is to immerse myself in a long, relaxing steam and sauna ritual (which i think is actually helping me gain mobility in my knee!) I bought some girly-girly stuff last weekend (a direct copycat of my friend Mitch's must have list) which included peppermint foot scrub, oatmeal body scrub and yoghurt hair treatment wax. All I can say is that after just a week of using these implements, I really have to watch it before I develop some sort of bastardized Oedipal complex (i love smelling my hair every so often!)

But the bestest, bestest part of this beauty routine, the piece de resistance, is the blow-dry. My gym has installed new updated versions of industrial blow dryers with half a dozen confusing settings, one of which i am now very familiar with, the "cold breeze without the saltwater" setting. I love it! My hair's grown pretty long and I was always thinking of cutting it, but now it just looks so pretty hanging (almost) straight below my shoulders. It's also a very relaxing process. Trying to dry it layer by layer, watching my hair being tamed after years of hiding them in a bun (blame it on ballet) or in a severe ponytail(i liked the school marm look too haha).

Tonight, I will try to sneak in and watch a dance class for once. It'll be weird not being upfront with my friends, but I also welcome the change of perspective. But I will also look forward to the welcoming refuge of the women's locker room.

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A new version of Me said...

awww man, what happened to you? when i hear of knee injuries, promise, my heart really palpitates quickly.. nakakarelate siguro.. oist ingats naman... iba pag tuhod....