Monday, July 25, 2005

Dazed but not Confused

Finally, i am getting some things done in my life. Some things valuable, some vital, some trivial, some downright off-the-wall crazy. But the important thing is, things are happening, things are moving, and I am not in a rut.

Weekend was a blur. 2 hours funny sleep. Funny because I do not even recall dozing off and that was probably because I went to bed when the sun was already up and out.

It was perfect because I got to be with friends I wanted to be with, got to do things I wanted to do (like cook a nice sit down dinner with new friends, who are all still living and breathing by the way) and I also got to talk to others who I don't always have the chance to communicate with (read: not in the country)

In the past, I have already been accused as bitchy, moody, unforgiving and callous. I admit, I can be deliberately all that, but I dont choose to be. I would never choose to be. Someone just told me (you know who you are :) that I have a tendency to write viciously. A pretty strong word, considering I can't even bring myself to say anything cruel but honest about specific men I've met. And these are in cases when it was truly called for. If I may rant and rave, then it is a general feeling, a fleeting feeling if you must insist.

I dont even know why I am explaining this in my blog. I'd rather talk about this with you. Me vicious? Ha, you just wait.