Saturday, July 09, 2005

Getting Fruity

Finally, my head is clearing up.
I finally got to catch up with my friends (where else but through their blogs of course)
Check out what interesting stuff has been swimming in my best friend's head if ya got time:

my knee is still not in tiptop shape.
I used it sparingly throughout the week (except during two of my favorite dance classes). I wish I could just wake up and discover that the all too familiarly nagging ache has totally disappeared. But no dice so far.

I was a (very) happy camper last night.
Remember what i was ranting about in my previous post? well, God made a way to (more than) make up for that.
Somebody walked me home last night!
Not that its such a big thing. Friends walk each other home all the time. It's just that the difference was that this guy's home was all the way in the opposite direction! And i just found that out! He didnt even tell me where he lived. he was so cool.

I'm not talking about being romantic here okay, i just think that these kinds of gestures, so unexpected and so simple to do, are a rarity in a world where guys are often only most chivalrous when there is something in it for them. (tell me im wrong, i dare you)
It just made me so happy that someone would do that for me.
He probably doesnt know it, but he restored my faith.
Thanks Adrian.