Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Damned and Delirous

I've done alot of stupid things in my time, but dont recall ever really regretting any of it.

The photo above is from one of my top 3 movies of all time "Before Sunset."
I love how the two people never really got together but never really stopped liking each other. I liked they can meet again, just pick up where they left off (gradually of course) and still be as eloquent as hell without having to jump in the sack the first chance they get. If I got that exact same chance, I would go for it, despite the years of uncertainty and self-doubt. I would choose that over stupid mind games with available men with questionable IQs and kissing abilities (ha! such a cheap shot)

Sex is never the answer to anything real anymore. Love isnt always a question either.

anyway, ive been offcially awake for 36 hours now. So I take partial responsibility for all the dumb (but immensely) fun things i've done over the weekend with. Funny how proximity and openness to share brings out the best (not always worst) in people.

I am delirious because I finally got to get an idea of how it would feel to get close to an ex-crush! Of course I was still curious about alot of things about him (Talent is a very strong aphrodisiac and he sure has alot of it!). There's nothing like being so close to intimate that piques the interest and staves off sleepiness.

I wil be damned because I admit, i have done alot of stir-crazy things with this lifetime. I can be offensive, impulsive and irresponsible on occasion (quite a rarity now. the stick up my ass is too far wedged in to be taken out now)

I am having fun now wth my life, nothing is really a big bother. I can do what I want, be who I want to be and afford myself the experiences I choose to go into. In other words, I am still free to be as whacked out as I want to be. God Bless the undiscovered single girl who prays for the proverbial ball and chain and yet, still enjoys every glorious perk of irresponsibility and immaturity.

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A new version of Me said...

kaya hindi ko pinapanood yang movie na yan at yung nauna jan kse waaaahhhh nadedepress lang ako! Im a sucker for happy endings.. pakshet