Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wistful Thinking

I came across this island poem by Dennis Arthur Dames, a poet from the Bahamas while I was trying to suppress my urge to book a flight to go back to my favorite beach....

Tainted Thoughts

Tainted minds
Going strong
All the time

Nothing's right
All is wrong
Tainted thoughts still go strong

Tainted thoughts take a break...
Fresh visions of faith

A new day we do make
Tainted thoughts
The past ate

Fruitful thoughts are now new
Tainted thoughts, not renewed


wanderlust junkie said...

boracay!!!! i miss the beach....

Lucia said...

wow, i love the poem... and I miss any decent, white-sanded beach with warm waters... :( btw, hope you're doing ok with your diet situation thingie. :) kaya mo yan!

Anonymous said...

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