Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Soft and Tasty

Starting tonight, I am officially on a soft diet.

Not by choice mind you, but because two of my uncooperative molars have decided to go on strike and refuse to allow me to chew on anything harder to masticate than tuna and gelatin. I tried to cheat by eating a heated-up beef jerky and those stupid chewers promptly put me in my place by shooting unmentionable amounts of recurring pain all throughout the day, thereby rendering me haplessly hungry and disgruntled.

Not that its totally a bad thing, this had preempted my long-term diet plan (yeah right). I think I can subsist on soup, Jell-O and ice cream (oh no!) for next month or so (my dentist is vacationing somewhere in Greece right now i think). Its not so bad. This'll give me instant punishment for eating (except for the ice cream part)

Something short of having someone chew on my food first (like a toothless grandma would have done), here is a list of stuff I managed to eat safely (but still cautiously) today:

1. Mooshey Wooshey Lasagna (late dinner)- i bought it at the convenience store at my
office lobby. It didnt look as radioactive after i nuked it several times. At least i could still distinguish the cheese from the pasta.

2. Coffee Jelly and Almond Jelly (not eaten together) - I had this for late lunch. Yummy stuff, but kinda made me feel like I was tricking my body into eating hardened liquid.

3. Overcooked Oatmeal (late breakfast) - I love oats. It is filling, affordable and I eat it at all times in the day (even as a midnight snack!). But making it (even the easy to cook variety) has sealed my fate as an eternally terrible cook. I can't afford to watch the pot before I burn it! I heard Quaker Oats has launched chocolate flavored oatmeal already. Will definitely check it out once I finish my sack of oats at home.

It is almost 11pm. I am still at work. I am not halfway done here yet. I had to turn down a night out with good music. I missed gym (and my favorite back-to-back classes). I am bummed, but there are other things that offset that fact. I like being missed :)


A new version of Me said...

hay, after reading this im going straight to gale to eat!!!!

Anonymous said...

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