Monday, June 27, 2005

Roller Coasting

Yesterday night I went on one helluva ride.
I hitched a ride home with a friend and as we turned to get on the busiest, major highway in the country
her car battery went dead.

The road was an incline so we just kept on moving (or rolling was more like it). What upped the scare factor was that she was driving an automatic and so we couldnt turn on the headlights or even just the emergency lights. Big buses were rushing right past us on both sides while we were just praying we'd roll right into the nearby gast station in the highway.

When we finally made it (although we were technically parked on the highway), thats when we discovered that they had no mechanic on duty on Sundays. Great.

The succeeding gory details aren't as interesting as those initial facts so i'll just leave it as that. thank God we decided to stop for donuts and juice (even though we hadn't had dinner yet) because at least that takes the crabbiness out of the waiting game we did while waiting for her dad to look for a mechanic to revive the car.


rica said...

haha. ako nga dati, nagtulak sa gitna ng edsa while nag ddrive si Ola, kaibigan ko. dyusko day, at naka takong pa man din ang beauty ko!!!

musta kana, Ineng?

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