Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hiccups and other Oddities

I have finally discovered how to upload photos in my blog! (yes, laugh all you want, but it is really a major milestone in my little sluggish technophobic life)

It's almost 3am and i am still in the office. I wanted to talk about movies but I'm too brain-drained to churn out a proper review. Instead, I chose a photo from one of my favorite movies (i love subtitled films!) Amelie. I loved Amelie Poulain! I love how she also likes to tap and break into newly-made creme brulee with a spoon! She is everything I would expect from a perky slightly weird Parisienne. I love movies that keep you guessing how it'll turn out in the end. I also loved A Very Long Engagement.

Earlier this evening i developed a bad case of hiccups. My editor kept urging me to drink water because i sounded like a sick puppy walking around the office with my high-pitched hiccups. I, on the other hand, found it amusing. Not everyday do I emit sounds like that. But the problem was, it just wouldnt go away. i mustve drunk a 3 liters of water before I could talk straight again (which secretly bummed me out though)

anyway, i still gotta go to the printer after this. It's still so dark outside. But I don't mind. I like seeing the different.


wanderlust junkie said...

congrats, i'm loving the pic!

miss u gurl! kumuha ka na ng YM ok? chat with you online :-) miss ya!

btw, thanks for the vote of confidence...grabe, kelangan natin magkape when i get back!

post said...

maybe hiccups was your body's way of saying, "hey go drink your daily 3 liters of water"?

haha ok, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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