Monday, July 18, 2005

Windy times

My weekend was a blur. Finally moved into my own place albeit only temporarily. It's been great so far, quiet and empowering at the same time buying your own groceries and wondering if you still got enough money to get you through the next few days. Got a great view though. I love watching cars zoom through the highway at the oddest hours.

Only downside is that i can't bring my cat Mao to live there. I'm afraid she'll jump off the building like that unhappy has-been actress who did it on the very same rooftop a few years back. Being alone makes you think crazy things sometimes.

Anyway, its not like I've much time to actually settle in. Except for fixing my things, I havent exactly cozied up to the place. Was out all weekend with new friends, doing crazy things again. Which is all good with me, considering I sleep like a log after being deprived of rest 3 days in a row.

The past 2 days have been very windy, really cool weather, very little rain and just a little bit of sunshine here and there. I had lunch at my grandma's house today. Left office in the middle of the day. Now I think I'll be doing that daily. My grandma has been sounding more and more sad everyday, i can hear it through the phone and it tugs at my heart not to do anything about that. She's past 85 (as usual, I cannot remember anybody's exact age) and supposedly, she's as strong as a horse, even stronger than my mom and me especially when it comes to marathon malling (her favorite exercise), but now she's been feeling down, telling me how all the people she knows have already gone to a higher plane.

I know all my grandma wants is some time spent with her,talking with her, connecting, just being there to hear her out. Isn't that ultimately what we all want deep down inside?

To be reached out to.


A new version of Me said...

uy, dream ko yan, to move into my own place.. promise.... living the single and independent life!!!

rica said...

wow, so youre finally on your own. =)

lets catch up MAnils, i missed your way of putting some sense in my head, and ofcourse, the occasional banters we share.

isama mo naman ako jan sa bago mong paraiso. =)