Friday, June 24, 2005

Hunger happy

The paint on my bedroom door is peeling.
The fruit yoghurt I was saving for a rainy day which i finally opened last night had turned tangy, much to my hungry dismay.
I had finally lost my mouthguard (which keeps my teeth from grinding all day) in the crazy confines of my room (i swear, there are doors that open to different dimensions in all that mess)

All I've had to eat today is a cup of semi-burnt oatmeal (my favorite choice for breakfast) and a half green half yellow banana (courtesy of my gym, which I sneak off to during lunchbreak on fridays)

But I am not hungry yet.

It's also Jordan's birthday today. Not everyone knows because no matter how innocent he may look int hat Where's Waldo cap of his, Jordan can also be one wicked sinister dude. He lied on his Friendster account so people wouldnt know when to greet him.
What he doesnt know is that we have a small celebration planned tonight. Baked goodies, pizza and ice cream. A nice way to cap off a good friend's natal day. Plus his pick of the weirdest movies available (Personally, i am hoping he will pick this far out Jap film called Pistol Opera. Dang, if that film appeals to him then I will kneel down and pray to the new God of the Slanted Mind. That movie weirded me out so much I stopped watching after just 3 and a half minutes!) Can you comprehend a scene wherein the no.3 ranked girl assassin (who wants to be no.1) is being chased with a gun by this handicapped dude in a wheelchair (who is also presumably an assassin), why for the life of me, he would even think he had a chance is mind-boggling. add to the fracas a jap schoolgirl with a balloon. Oh boy, its just too odd to describe.

Anyway, im planning to enjoy my weekend with less food and more work ("special" projects for added income have just come my way!)