Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pipe Dreams and Pita Bread

Its been pretty crazy at the office all week.
Wasnt able to concentrate on my food cravings much (which is perhaps one of the only good things aside from the self-induced stress that made me more efficient)

Aside from the hankering for peanut butter, I find myself in constant want for pizza and pita bread! Right now I cant decide whether I prefer tuna or chicken filling. I had a Garden Fresh pizza (its not as healthy as it sounds) last night. I couldnt care less whether the bread was wheat or whole wheat. I love tomato sauce! Maybe I should try living in Italy where there are regions so simple that they top there spaghettis and pizzas with plain ole tomato sauce. Yum!

I am also a little bit scatterbrained right now, cant really decide how or where to pursue my dreams (really, i didnt even know i had any?!) People Ive just met know more about my real dreams that the people whove been around me my entire life. there is a certain comfort in confiding in (almost) strangers who cannot possible judge nor change their opinion of you because what you reveal in just a few moments after meeting them. Not that I am in the habit of doing that. I just feel that most people who think they know me already have this preconceived idea of what my "real deal" is. Oh well, thats their opinion.

I am happy right now. In between chasing my pipe dreams and giving in to my sinful cravings, I am surprisingly in better shape than I was probably a year ago.


A new version of Me said...

hey make sure your burn all those fats!!!!

7on7 is just around the corner...


Anonymous said...

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