Monday, June 20, 2005

Weird and Whacked out

I had the oddest of lunches yesterday.
Tuna hotdogs and cream cheese sandwiches.
Actually, it wasn’t exactly lunch, more of “whatevers-left-in-the-fridge” kind of meal that me and my cousin Athena scrounged up for before settling down and watching our much revered and coveted copy of “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.” Thank god for ketchup.

For good measure, I also brought two large bags of Holy Kettle corn (a movie staple!)
It was a nice lazy Sunday afternoon. Perfect in my book: a good movie. Good (?) food shared with family. It rained later in the day (which is also why I am thankful I decided to forego football for once) But even if my knee was acting up again I couldn’t resist dropping by the gym for a new class (thanks for the incessant prodding Mitch).

My body feels beat up (there’s gonna be no running this week for sure) but for some reason I couldn’t wait to get a head start on work today. Must be something wrong with my brain….. mmmm….. this should be straightened out mid-week when I start getting anxiety attacks from the fear of what I could be fearing next.

I woke up early (not extra early, because its either I am up early or late only) today and fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal. I like oatmeal because it fills up my tummy and it supposedly cleans out the bad toxins from the body (not that I have any, I don’t drink, smoke or eat nasty stuff like roaches or crickets) But I definitely have got too much chocolate in my system. Damn you Cadbury, Hersheys and Sees Candies!!!

I am writing more and more mediocre entries lately.
I cant seem to get my head in shape for a cohesive, coherent composition.
I cant explain this but I know what its about.
Maybe I should just stick to writing about food and delete all the other crappy stuff I go on and on about. This is horrible. I am becoming the wannabe writer that I dreaded turning into.


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Chocolate is good, mmkay? Hersheys is good, mmkay? (Have you seen any episode of SouthPark? There is this really doped school teacher who always uses this phrase - MmmKay?)

Chocolates have Lot of antioxidants which supposedly prevent cancer.

How was HitchHiker's? Did you like the way the whale discovered its identity and purpose? ;) That was my best scene, and not to mention Vogon poetry! Dont Panic!

rica said...

how does one define a writer wannabe? wala lang, naisip ko lang baka ako, ganyan na. haha.

reading your entries make me hungry...

i miss you girl. =)

A new version of Me said...

have you ever considered writing for the Food section of any magazine or newspapers? promise, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.. =)

Anonymous said...

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