Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rain reigns

It suddenly rained real hard tonight.
So hard that there was a short-lived power failure in the neighborhood. (Thank God for dependable generators in major tv networks, wherein my office so cozily resides)

I hardly left my computer today. Had a lot of research to do. Food today, to me, was just regarded as mere sustenance to get me going. It was nothing more than fancy fuel for my tummy. An inconsequential necessity, but not a craving, not today.

I knew this would happen. So I stocked up on snacks, knowing full well that bringing that much food to work would either brand me as a glutton or as a junk food hoarder disguised as a gym rat. But like i said, today was different. I had absolutely no plans of working out (well, all i brought was an extra shirt okay.Which is gonna seem stupid considering I wore girly shoes today)

So in my bag I had everything I could possibly need today: an extra shirt ("just in case" i drop by the gym. NOT!!!), my trusty, snazzy (read:pricey) automatic folding-and-unfolding umbrella which i got as a gift 3 christmases ago (okay okay, well it wasnt exactly a gift. i asked someone to give it to me!), and my bag full of tasty snacks (tip:when your dealing with finicky,picky,weird or anal persons like me, there should always be options for snacking, salty and sweet! because you never know what mood will strike next! (i seesaw between a hankering for peanut butter and then bbq all day)

I want to watch Batman Begins because everyone has had good things to say about it. Not that I trust these people (there have been supposed "terrible" movies that i ended up enjoying. so now i take everything with a grain of salt). I caught Monster-in-law the other night and I only have 3 things to say about it:
1. Jane Fonda is soooo funny
2. I'd kill to have all of J.Lo's outfits (and body) in that movie!!! its so my style!
3. I'd sleep with Michael Vartan in a nanosecond! I loved him in Never Been Kissed too! (I dont watch Alias by the way)

Funny how the rain doesnt affect me anymore. I must be going crazy. I used to love the sun, now I dont. i used to hate the rain, now I dont. I am enjoying the seasons just like i am enjoying my work right now. Come to think of it, I might actually turn out to be a well-adjusted individual if I think about it! (haha, not really)


rica said...

i like playing in the rain... =)

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