Thursday, June 23, 2005

Peanut Butter Pleasures

Nope, there’s no sexual innuendo of any kind in this entry.

Nowadays, I find myself craving peanut butter more than chocolate.
Peanut butter donuts, sandwiches, peanut butter on crackers, Reese’s pieces or even a lip-smacking glob of gooey, sickeningly sweet peanut butter on a spoon (gotta cut down on the bread)!
I’ve heard about this new so-called Peanut butter diet in the States, but my cravings have nothing to do with that (besides, the diet only talks about the unsweetened, organic variety while I prefer the more sinfully artifical local version)

My taste buds must’ve gotten tired of chocolate. Or maybe I just automatically hate the popular choice.
Just like I dont like having the same template as some of the people I know! Even our publication uses the same template (check it out, its pretty cool if your the starstruck kind!)

Last night, i finally got ot catch the sequel to that old Ethan Hawke-Julie Delpy movie "Before Sunrise"
I have not seen a movie that sucked me into the dialogue so much as this one. "Before Sunset" should only be watched under the context that you enjoyed the first movie. Otherwise, it might look a bit dry in the entertainment department.
I'm not saying you will like it as much as I did. We all come from different points of reference so what gets my goat might actually amuse the hell out of you or something like that.

Basically, this movie was one long conversation over a span of 2 (maybe shorter) hours. the characters wear only one outfit all throughout and the settings are different places in Paris.
The two main characters (environmentalist Celine and writer Jesse) meet again after 9 years, having spent just one night together walking around in Vienna. It is a chance encounter and alot of outwardly things have changed 9but apparently, the feelings have not) They talk about books, life, fate, magic and of course, Love.

I love how the movie develops, how you find out certain things as their conversation deepens.
watching this was like reading a good book (or having a really good book being read to you out loud)
It talks about how Love and reality are contradictory (The premise is that when you love someone, you get romantic, but romanticism can't really totally co-exist with reality unless your an idealist loon). endpoint is disappointment and total dependence.

I don't wanna talk about all the good parts. But I will say that this was an open-ended movie and how you decide the ending is probably a good indication of what kind of person you are (if you think they eventually broke up then you are a realist, if you think they got together eventually then you are romantic, if you are being hopeful for them then i dont know what exactly you are but you should be more decisive in your thoughts)

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