Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Queen of Pentacles

I had my first tarot reading a few days ago.
Crazy, unnerving and right-on-the-money are some of the words I might use to describe the whole experience.

Cleared up my head (and heart) on some things, other answers opened up other questions.
Who’d have thought past lives were so significant to the present?
Karmic residue, cosmic patterns and unexplained attractions all connect somehow.

Our session wasn’t much about fortune-telling as it was about divination. Merely a guide, not the standard for the things yet to come, if I will it to come.

Having your cards read might also mean opening up a whole can of worms you might not be ready to share, but it will come out anyway whether you want it to or not (hard to edit the subconscious energy)

There are also such things as cards that will constantly come up and define you. Character cards. All this has drummed up my interest again in the tarot and the supernatural. Spooky but enlightening definitely.


rica said...

Luis, Nick's bro died last night, got shot at Vbar yata. maryann got shot, too. her legs aren't very okey now. i missed talking and hanging out wit you, mare. and wats up with that tarot? you doing all these crazy things without me and edge? hehe...

A new version of Me said...

uy musta, matagal tagal din bago ka naka-blog ah!

San yang tarot reading na yan ah?

Anonymous said...

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