Saturday, June 25, 2005

Balut and Pizza

Balut, a popular native delicacy, which is technically a fertilized egg with a partially developed duckling that is eaten by Filipinos all day everyday. It was also used to challenge the lengths to which contestants were willing to win $50,000 on Fear Factor once. (haha, i had a good laugh on that one)

Last night, during our food buying spree for Jordan's birthday thingamajiggy, we found ourselves at the grocery getting avocado ice cream (his favorite) and vanilla (our vote). Andre, my buffest (is that a word?) friend ever, suddenly had a craving for balut, which was also sold in the fruit stand (go figure). By then, we had already gotten 2 large pizzas from Yellow Cab (that makes it 3 weekends in a row that ive found myself getting supposed 'sustenance' from their vegetable toppings.)

Anyway, we ate while watching a Jamiroquai concert on dvd. And I couldnt help but admire how Dre manage to scarf down those slices of pizza in between helpings of eggs (he bought 3). Yowsah, i gotta hand it to the dude, he took it all in stride. Good thing the room was dark or I wouldve winced at seeing the egg (im such a squeamish girlygirl.ha!)

anyway, weekends turning out great. Finally caught "Mr & Mrs Smith" Loved their hand-and-knuckle fight scene. Women Power dude!!!! Angelina Jolie rocks. Brad was just kinda cute. I love girl power movies (who wouldnt right?)


wanderlust junkie said...

yummmm!!! i miss Yellow Cab pizza... hey gurl musta na? :-) Please greet Jordan belated happy bday for me :-) tc!

A new version of Me said...

astig repartee nila noh?

"Honey are you dead yet?"

"Still alive baby?"