Friday, January 21, 2005


"A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest of men."
-Mr. Willy Wonka

The other night, I think I found myself.
Or rather, I found a piece of myself.
It all started with a text inviting me for a friend's bridal shower.

Now I, generally, view "get-togethers" as a very dubious thing.
especially with people whom I have not seen for the longest time (7 years to be exact)
I hate thinking that they have grown miles and miles already and I am still stuck in the quagmire that is my life (ugh).
My first instinct is to shy away from re-connecting rather than connecting (its the same odd feeling i get when i am at a mall and bump into someone I know)

But then, I thought, "What the heck, lets do this". I know I could always kick myself in the head afterwards if any awkward situations occur (which surprisingly, did not)

So off I went (with my meticulously chosen gift in tow). But first, let me tell you something about that gift. First off, I have never been to a bridal shower before in my life and had no idea what happens in these kinds of things. An aunt suggested something really racy so I went out and bought a really nice(?) stringy red thong.

I hate being late for anything (except math classes) so I was at GMA7 (her office) a little after 7pm. I registered at the guard (with my ABS-CBN I.d! the audacity!) and saw that our other friend had come in right before me (which I thank God for since I could not for the life of me remember their surnames and was too embarassed to ask).

I will admit that a bit of nervousness started creeping up on me as I was going up her office. But as with other nervous moments, I decided to just fake it. Heck, noone can tell the difference when you appear confident (successfully).

So then, everything started falling into place (or so I think). We hugged and talked and waited for our (very) late other friend who was stuck with endless work in a far-off traffic-stricken city. We talked about old college days and old, moldy college crushes.

We had dinner at this nearby pasta place with gigantic servings (I, of course had angel hair tuna pasta with capers and olives, a tribute to good ole adi bear who used to bring me this stuff when i wasn't feeling too great.) We exchanged contacts and updates on why things are going the way they are and why some things are not.

While they were talking, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic. These three wonderfully brilliant and consistent individuals (all creme de la creme of our state university!) have not changed one bit! It was like the times I was still sharing lunch them during our freshman year. I felt no alienation, no distance. They are truly good people. And in this, I remembered a part of myself I had not gone back to in a long long time. I remembered what it was like to be genuinely nice inside. I missed that.

Considering I barely had just one short semester with them, It is enough for a lifetime of friendship to follow. I'm so glad were in touch again . Happy-happy Joy-joy!