Tuesday, January 25, 2005

10 Things I hate about me

These aren't exactly things I bother to hate, but in tribute to my favorite movie of the same title, let's just squeeze it in......

1. I am a bad spitter
It's not like I am keen on spitting anyway, but during the times when I absolutely have to, It's just that I can't seem to get that perfect trajectory or even just a decent angle to aim at! I either end up spitting on my own shoe or worse, even my hair! Lesson of this story? Never spit. ever again.

2. I hate slimy fod
I know everyone in my family loves to eat eggplant omelette or even anything with egplant in it. I just can't seem to get over it's icky, slimy taste in my mouth. Not that it's a generelly distasteful thing (I'm pretty ok about moussaka), in fact I haven't even met anyone who shares the same distaste for it as me! Maybe it's because I love food in all its interesting textures and slimy just doesn't do it for me.

3. I hate unwanted visitors
Last year, I discoveredtwo suspicious alien elements n my chests (otherwise known as "The Lumps"). This kept me from doing work for one horrible month. But after I had them removed, I found out that it would not be the last time i would be playing host to these things, apparently, they had secured themselves some multiple entry visas courtesy of my family genes. Hopefully, the next time I see them, it'll just be for a short visit.

4.I am overly, doubly, immediately sensitive
All my friends know this or have felt it in some form or another (those poor souls). It's not that I'm an emotionally-imbalanced fruitcake, but I guess I just happen to have pretty high expectations from my friends (the real true blue ones). But in so far as my intimate circle of friendship is concerned, I have not been disappointed in a very very long time.

5. I over-analyze and hyper focus on everything
I have ruined "The Moment" on more than ne important occasion because of this unavoidable trait. Trying to be too cerebral about anything isn't always the best way to go (although i would tend to disagree). Like for me, what matters is not just what you say, but also what your not saying as well. Tricky, tricky I know. I just have a tendency to focus on all the little details that I lose sight of how grandiose the big picture is. Which brings me to my next trait....

6. I hate surprises
Who doesn't like the feeling of being in control, right? There are a lot of uncontrollable things in life as it is and I just want to make sure that I can at least be secure in some of the things that I have the power to control.

Or maybe it's just because not all the surprises in my life have been so great. Like in a pivotal year in high schol, my friends though it best to decide for me to meet up with a potential prom date. Which was all god and fine except that they never tld me which day I would be forced to face this unfamiliar member of the opposite sex. To top it off, this all had to happen on the day when I was wearing my lousiest unfiorm and ugliest socks! (I know I know, appearance is only secondary to what's inside, but when you've been trapped inside an all-girls catholic school for most of your life, these kinds of moments will have a deep-rooted impact on your psyche!) Call it trauma. Call it forgettable. I just really hate surprises.

7. I have the memory span of a goldfish
It's probably perfectly natural to forget birthdays, first names and faces even. But for me, it doesn't matter whether your a passing acquiantance or a longtime classmate, chances are I'd probably forget at the first year. Blame it on the numerous scholls I've been in and out of since college. Many a time have I had complete conversations with people I could not recall for the life of me. And during the course of this chit-chat, I will try to rack my mind for the slightest clue as to the identity of this person who seems to really know me. After that, find me dazed and looking up at the sky, wondering why the hell I couldn't have been smarter int his department.

8. I am stingy in some of the wrong places
I'd like to think that I know how to spend my (limited) resources wisely. Given my being currently unemployed, it's only natural for me t deprive myself of certain luxuries (like those yummy papaya shakes I've been hankering for lately). But given my warped sense of responsibilities, I tend to scrimp on matters regarding health and my safety in lieu of other "vitally important" things like books, magazines, good food and gym money.

9. I am way overly sensitive
Blame it all on the marathon kimchi soaps I've been watching for the past two years. Immersing myself in these things has admittingley made me too melancholic for my own good. Just recently, I've been revisiting Meteor Garden (which was what started EVERYTHING and now I am back t being hopelessly, endlessly smitten with Yan Cheng Xu (also known as Jerry Yan). Dammit.

10. ---------------------
I'm reserving this slot for one of my yet-to-be, soon-to-become thing that I might hate. I'm really glad I don't have anything too hateful inside of me right now, not for myself nor for others. Which is always a good thing.

Note: These things aren't listed in order of importance nor are they even that iportant. :)


wanderlust junkie said...

hahahha ok yung list mo ha! :-) i sympathize iwth you on the overly sensitive thing...ako ganyan din kaya ako! helllo!!! pero k lang yan. the thing you hate about yourself are the things we love about you gurl :-)

Anonymous said...

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