Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Just a List

There are a couple of things I am trying very hard not to hate right now.

I know "hate" is such a strong word, but given that I am such an extreme person, I know that if I am totally not liking something right now, then I probably will end up hating it already.

Here's a top-of-my-square-head list of things I could live without right now:

1. Onion skin-like toilet paper
I'd like to think that my mom is a very economical person. Although she can be very frugal, I never expected to get so frustrated with some of the things she uses. I simply cannot understand why anyone would buy house utilities that my be cheaper, but such a pain-in-the-ass (literally & figuratively) to use! I try to pull out at least 2 consecutive sheets, but trust me it aint easy. Plus, since it's 1-ply (yes, this proves I really am living in the third-world),I actually have to hold it with both hands and pull as gently as I can so It won't break off! Can you imagine how many brain cells this would have saved me if we had bought at least a generic brand?! Anyway, I have resolved to buy my own toilet paper.

2. Going out with couples
Man, I don't care if your all lovey-dovey or not, a couple is a couple and that ticks the hell out of me right now. I may be hated for this, but I can't deny what I feel. I've even declined a couple of nights out because of this and I'm too chicken shit to tell my friends the real reason why. Call me bitter, broken-hearted, lonely or cynical butI just don't feel like being around people especially when they're "coupling" (I hate this word!)I dunno if this is a fleeting feeling or not (I hope it is)

3. Muscle pain
If I had my way, I'd be at the gym all day, every day. But because of this thing called muscle pain/fatigue/soreness, I am limited to just working out really hard a couple of days a week. Maybe I'm getting older (NOT), maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep (Most likely).

4. Inconsistent people
I am a very detail-oriented person. I like things all neat and clear in my head. So when I deal with fickle-minded individuals with no backbone, I get very disappointed. I like people with opinions and stand by them. I like people who don't switch sides, depending on who's winning.I like friends who will not just act like a friend when they need you. I like lots of good and bad people too. If your bad, then I have no problem with that. As long as your consistently bad.What scares me the most are those who are inconsistent. You never know what to expect from them.

I guess it's not really healthy to dwell on the things you hate, so I'm sure a list of the things I love will pop up on this blog eventually. But these are just some of the things swimming in my head these past few days.

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wanderlust junkie said...

i totally agree on you with that gurl! hirap na maging inconsistent. pwede magdagdag?

I hate people who are shallow/high-maintenance. They have this aura of so-called importance that makes me want to kill myself rather than spend time with them. I hate the fact that they think that the worlkd revolves around them. I especially hate people who, knowing that they are more lucky than others, still behave that they should be pitied and be sympathized with because they have a "problem" (petty shit like they can't buy their favourite blouse, or the place they need to go to is too far and they can't make sundo) sheesh.