Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Cooking up a Storm

I guess I must really be asking for it.

I am currently in over my head with work (some assignments I really wanna do, others I wish I could just forget). Aside from the fact that I have not had a decent night's sleep since November, it has also bugged me endlessly that I got screwed over by a company who I am still (kinda) working for.

The thing with this company (hereby known as "Massive Tax Evader or M.T.E) is that it tries to gloss over all their major internal problems by giving you beautifully packaged bullshit. It has already loss its spot as the top mass media company of the country and not without good reason. They are literally going to the dogs.

They have yet to pay me for work I've done months ago for them and yet here I am, complaining of the work I am STILL doing for them. Ain't I a sucker for bullshit?

I wish the people in the big institutions (like MTE) would just play fair when it comes to wages, job status and honesty. Can't they at least be forthright about it when you ask them if theyre screwing you over?

So now, i gotta go finish one of the things I promised to do. Do research, interview, edit, yada, yada, yada. Heck, Binigyan na nga akong trabaho, humihingi pa ako ng suweldo?


TheOlderWaiter said...

hey. thanks for the compliment in my blog. preciate it. hope everything works out for you and your job. and your friend *wink wink* also.

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