Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tom Yum-Yum!

Last sunday,after a very exhausting workout with my good friends (which involved, brisk walking, running, jump-rope, lunging and gasping for air and sweating like a pig), I had my very first honest-to-goodness authentic Thai meal.

Tom Yum is known as Thai sour soup (not to be mistaken for soursop which is a fruit). We had the one with shrimp. It had alot of ginger and lemon grass (which had a very overpowering yet aromatic taste). I cannot compare its flavor to our own local soup, sinigang. But it was a welcome discovery.

We also had crispy catfish (which reminded me of the pork floss available at Bread Talk, the Singaporean bakeshop whose bestseller was bread with floss (or what more aptly looks like sawdust or then shredded wood). Fugly pants, my best friend made me try the rice with shrimp paste, green mangoes, eggs and sweet pork on top. It was good too! We also got a taste of green curry. I love curry!

We were all too full to have dessert so we skipped it altogether. I love sharing and eatig food with these people because they all put such a premium on the quality of what we eat. They are also genuinely decent human beings who wouldnt hurt a fly. Good food, good company. Nothing can beat that right?


rica said...

favourite namin ni Bien yan Tom Yum.. =(

A new version of Me said...

waaah.. di pa ko nakakain jan...

Oist considered naman kami ni Minda as good company di ba? so next time sama mo kami ah!

heto na nga pala new blog ko..

Top secret pa din yan.. hahahaha

may isa pa pla akong blog, for mp3s: