Sunday, May 22, 2005


I finally found the apetite (and means) to treat my family out to a nice dinner yesterday night. I doubt they appreciated it though (I'm sure my mom prefers cold hard cash). We tried the combination dimsum platter (which had a sampling of every possible kind of weird-shaped dimsum) and hot seafood with noodles. Now the Chinese were small asian folk, but that resto had everything in American servings. Which was great if you were going with a group of people who shared the same love for good quality food as you, but if you like eating alone or in pairs, then it's gonna be quite a challenge finishing up a bowl of noodles the size of a motorcycle helmet in this place. No wonder it's called the Superbowl of China.

By the way, my team lost the semi-finals game today. We still get to play for 3rd place next week. I'd feel worse if I actually did anything significant to alter those chain of events. But the 9on9 co-ed game format just didn't permit that kind of opportunity.


rica said...

nah. magluto nalang tayo ng okra at talong, mas masaya pa. hehe.. =)

A new version of Me said...

sorry to hear about your lost.... si minda is just as bummed as you!!

pucha, pareho ko gusto superbowl at okra at talong (well... okra lang pala.. hehehe)

wanderlust junkie said...

shucks ,sorry gurl di tayo nagkita. text me next tym ur in maginhawa,k? missyu!

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