Friday, May 20, 2005

Chicken a La Queen

Today I saw red.
As in literally, lots and lots of red.
Red hair colouring that is.

I attended a media event for L'Oreal's new Matrix hair product line and all the attendees got a free hair treatment afterwards (one of the better perks of being in publishing!)
Anyway, I decided to go for a really severe choice and chose the most radical shade of red available.
Only problem is, dark hair remains dark (unless bleached first), so what I got now is dark hair with tinges of something that looks suspiciously like reddish burgundy.

Since that pretty much took up most of my morning (and lunchtime), I only had time to grab a waffle for lunch before heading back to the office. Instead of my usual cheese, or ham and cheese option, I decided to live on the edge and try their new Chicken a La King waffle instead. Generally, I would be suspicious (we used to make the dish in our high school home economics class, so i know it spoils easily). I took a bite and decided it was edible (but slghtly tangy). But, as I've always decided, "I will try everything at least once (except fried roaches)."

When I got to the office, an officemate then dragged my stiletto-tortured feet for a late snack and guess what we had? Chicken fingers! Then my mom called and said I should bring home some dinner, like garlic chicken? great. I dont know what i'm gonna buy later but I am definitely sure what i wont be bringing home though. Pizza hut just introduced this disgustingly fat-laden monstrosity called the chicken crust-stuffed pan pizza. I dunno about other people, but the thought of all that processed carbs and meat just makes me wanna upchuck whatevers in my tummy right now. not a nice sight.

Anyway, I dont mind chicken (as long as its cooked well) and I dont mind my new hair color (as long as it doesnt stain my clothes, which it did, because of the careless stylist who lifted my dressing cape way too early). What I do mind right now is the heat (anywhere outside and inside the house), the approved transport price increase (does it always have to be so drastic? Where am i gonna get the extra 30% burden?) and the lack of available good, healthy food in my office (seems the lobby concessionaires are conspiring to kill everyone in the network).