Sunday, May 29, 2005


There are a million things to talk about regarding my recent vacation and I dont know where to start. So I guess it would be easier for me to just break it down into (seemingly) logical parts that are easier on the brain to digest.

The island I went to was basically a food lovers haven. They've got everything there. Where else can I order Japanese, Korean and Portugese food all in the same place? Just to give you an idea how it went....

Brunch: Thai soup (weird version of Tom Yum soup with seafood and brandy. The server actually discouraged me from ordering this because she thought I wouldnt be able to take it and she was right. My eyes were all watery after a few sips. but it was fab, especially since it came with nice french bread!), Thai seafood (which was basically fish, crabs, squid and shrimp with a whole lotta chili and onions) and a yummy chocolate crepe (This was actually part of a set meal. if you think pairing Thai food with a French dessert is weird, go ask the German guy who owns the place. The name of the resto was "De Paris"

Dinner: Buffet (what was supposed to be a purely seafood buffet, turned out to be pretty continental as well. Actually, I dont mind but I just felt that the meat lasagna was a little out of place with the crispy crablets and shrimp salad.)

Midnight snack: a bottle of Cabernet wine: This deserves a place in this entry because I think it constituted some sort of meal. Now I am not exactly fond of wine, but I have discovered (through this recent attempt at slight inebriation) that i prefer nice lukewarm wine over cold beer).

Brunch2: Buffet again (This was part of a tourist package when we went island-hopping. We went to another island where we were served unlimited chicken and pork bbq, fish, crabs and fruits. The great thing about it was that the drinks were unlimited too. so we took about 3 extra bottles of mineral water back to the boat!)

Dinner2: Wood oven pizza (Me and my friends couldnt decide on which flavor to try. Aria's pizza was supposed to be the best on the island (why people on this tropical island love to eat pizza, spicy thai food and crepes when its hot all day is beyond me) I wanted the Margherita but they wanted meat, so we settled on Calabrese.

Of course my vacation wouldnt be complete without a mango and/or papaya shake! Decided to check out their version of Papaya Lemon, which turned out to be more lemon than papaya. My aunt still makes the best kind (pulpy papaya with a tinge of lemon as an aftertaste.

Other island vignettes I don't want to forget....

-Walking along the dark expanse of the shore, wondering why people flew all the way there just to get a seat at a bar (a popular franchise of a city hangout) that they probably go to every weekend in the city .

-watching a firedance by an extremely limber gay guy who will probably go down in my memory as aninspiration for stretching religiously everyday.

-Tanning on top of a boat for hours while island-hopping (after the first 3 stops for snorkelling, me and my friend decided to the view from the top was better than down below. I had enough of watching schools of fish trying to avoid my feet)

-Trying not to freak out while swimming in an underground cave and seeing a striped sea snake pass us by. (For the record, I do not hate snakes, but they have managed to instill a deep sense of unshakeable fear in me)

-Trying to finish an entire bottle of red wine with my friend and a strange guy whose concept of "Let's Party!" involved stuff I'd probably consider with someone else other than him.

These things stand out in my head right now (blame it on another sleep and rest-deprived weekend), I will add more if my head clears up. I'm glad I got out of the city. But I am also glad I am back.