Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Nope, it’s not that I forgot to put a heading to this lazily written blog entry, it’s just that I feel it is an apt description of my life at the moment. Its almost 7pm and I am alone in our department. A pretty good day considering I hardly got any sleep (heavy rain invaded our currently-in-renovation house and the icky water seeped through the roof of my room, leaving me displaced for the night).

Desperate times heed the call of true friends and I am glad to be around a good number who do not mind my incessant calling at odd hours of the day, just to be able to purge whatever frantic sense of fear that gripped me at that moment. Sometimes, I am also too sad (or too scared) to make my own decisions (especially the life-changing ones)

I am not at all sad right now by the things happening around me. I feel like they will continue to happen (or not) despite what I do or not do. Therefore I have lost all interest in trying to stop things from turning out good or bad.

And since this blog entry seems hollow without any mention of food, let me just point out a few odd facts between food and myself that Ive noticed lately:

1. I am always suspicious of milk. I usually gulp down an entire glass of milk in a few seconds, and since I am lactose intolerant, this lessens whatever acidity I feel afterwards. Only problem is, On more than one occasion, I am more than halfway through the glass when I realize I may be drinking spoilt milk. Oh well, I won’t cry over that.
2. Junk Food isn’t necessarily junk. I dunno whether I shoulsd hunt down or thank the people who invented these deceptively entertaining (for my mouth) munchies or not. They are cheap, therefore do not really entail much expense, but they are also useless, providing no nutritional value whatsoever. But I must admit, they do make boring movies more bearable than usual.
3. We can’t avoid Juice. My dietician says that artificial sweeteners in iced tea and other flavored drinks are just as fattening as eating raw sweets. But as much as I try to drink water and only water, my mouth seems to crave for flavor, any flavor (except soursop/guyabano)!

Anyway, I am going for a slightly big change tomorrow. Whether it comes out good or bad will depend on someone’s skills. Will share post evaluation soon.


wanderlust junkie said...

ice cream tayo!!!!! :-)

Cameron Lane said...

2 days without drinking juice and i literally get withdrawal symptoms! Promise!

Anonymous said...

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