Monday, April 04, 2005

Life without Sugar

I had a very simple start to another long work week today.
being all drained, dried up and shriveled (in my head) because of all the sun ray I overdosed on all weekend, i had no inclination whatsoever (not even one teeny weenie bit!) to go to the gym. This is a good thing for today, because i have noticed my apetite has gone down too. I did not get any sugar spike at all (which was a confusing feeling, so i ended up getting my perfunctory donut anyway). So there I was, going through the motions of choosing which spawn of sin I should choose among the deceptively colorful baked "goodies" (how ironic, it would be more apt to say "baddies"!), I ate lunch with friends who asked what i was doing with something i do not even plan to eat. I look at them and say "Its a day for sharing , don't you know?" But up to this very minute, a very lonely half-donut sits sadly on the freezer shelf, shared by three people and enjoyed by none.

I am not craving for sweets today. I am not worried about anything in my life except work (which feeling shall expire the moment I step out the lobby). I am happy, I am content, I am loved.


rica said...

Congrats po.=) Hmn.. me too, i think that even if i feel i wanted to play forever, i know that's not gona happen. We need to stop playing in one way or the other. Sad, but that's how it is i guess.

I still have my yogurt anyways. haha.

love you girly girl =)

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

I lurrrrrrrrrv donuts. With coffee. Every morning. Every week. Every year.!

Donuts are only second to sweet corn. Maybe also apple juice.

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