Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's heave

I think I know exactly what dimsum feels like now.
After spending a quarter of an hour in my gym's steam room, I kinda get the feeling that this is how my favorite shrimp dumplings feel like right before being served.

I just had to squeeze in that last minute workout before 2005 officially ends and I've decided that I'll have to level up my life somehow in so many ways.

I've never actually had serious resolutions before, but when I guess now is the best time to come up with them so here goes....

1. I 'fess up. I am a hopeless chocoholic. I dont think I can totally curb my appetite for chocolates, but I can at least inhibit myself (and save more money) by not buying them. So from now on I will forbid myself to shell out any cash for it no matter how big the craving. I will only live off freeloading these treats from good friends (haha, not really good news for my friends.)

2. (Potable) Water is now my best friend. I was baptised in it (i think), I bathe in it (when I can haha) and my kidney craves for it (it hates bleeding, thats why). So from now on, (except for those stupid sugary drinks that comes free with value meals) I will try to only drink water for refreshment. Soya and cow's milk are a whole different issue altogether. Oh and the doctor says I need to up my intake to 20 glasses a day to be safe (sorry kidney...)

3. I want to be a better listener this year. More than a talker, I think I can learn alot by not being so in-your-face all the time and just be more laidback about things. Taking the cue from my new favorite movie character Aslan, I'd rather rule the world with wisdom not power.

These past few months, I've tried to not be as reactive and I am starting to believe that it is the more intelligent thing to do. I am psyched about the coming year as it gives me the opportunity to do things better too. Everyone deserves a fresh start!

more resolutions to come...