Sunday, December 26, 2004

Wishing it wasn't

Last night i dreamt i fell in love with my best friend.
And this is why I am finally creating a blog.

I have been resisting doing this for the longest time because first off, i would rather not use up electricity while my mind is trying to come up with ideas to put into writing (call me ms.scrooge)and secondly, because i am rather hesitant to put my thoughts (feelings, subconscious craziness and the like) in public for all the glorious online world to see. I am a very private person but now, apparently all that has changed.

all because of my stupid stupid dream.

I have noone to tell it to. Noone to share its craziness with. And i most definitely am still in denial why it ever came to be. Dreams are weird. But they cannot lie. I guess I should admit there must be even an iota of truth in it. But i refuse to succumb.

My dream wasn't sexual, or sensual even. It was so ordinary that i just let it run its course because i thought it wouldnt bite me in the butt with its surprise ending.

It started simply enough, I was at my best friend's house, having one of our usual dvd marathons. We were on the couch and I took a pillow and asked him if I could sleep on his lap. (Such audacity! I cant even give him a perfunctory kiss on the cheek because we aint like that in person at all.... although i do steal stuff off his plate whenever i feel like it.) So then, we ended up sleeping on the couch together (how we fit comfortably there escapes me). Then his mom came in and asked if i wanted to sleep over.
All comfy, cozy and good. That's all i can remember. (I think that's all i wanna remember)

Now that i had this story (huh?what story?) to tell, i finally see why i have friends who keep blogs (heck, i even have one friend who has 3 blogs! one is acknowledged as hers, another is so private she doesnt let us read it and the 3rd is anonymous, probably 'cause thats where she keeps all her down dirty secrets!) Anyway, i've been reading their blogs for sometime now and i've been pretty much content that way.

But now, since I've a pretty good reason to keep a blog (not that any of my friends will ever find out about it), I've decided to have a bit of fun with this one.

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